DDA outlines trends for 2017 in dining ware and amenities


2017 will be the year that contemporary styles blend with diversifying global traveler needs and functionality, believes Scott Ritter, CEO of Dahlgren Duck & Associates (DDA), a Texas-based supplier of custom-made fine dining ware, bespoke amenities and art works for private jets. At NBAA 2016, held on November 1-3, the company showcased a collection of products highlighting leading design themes for the next 12 months.

“Our customers spend so much time travelling they want to replicate their lifestyle in the sky,” said Ritter. “They want to touch and feel the product and incorporate their personal interests to mirror their environment on the ground.”

Demand for specific personalized linens, towels, blankets, bathrobes, throws and other soft amenities is on the increase. “The changing requests show a more refined customer that while using jets for business, wants to feel at home,” said Ritter.

The company says 2017 will also see subtle, yet impactful differences in the craftsmanship of china, with many DDA vendor partners producing products that have a variety of textures. DDA cites gloss and matte finishes representing natural elements, and black, white and metallic finishes, combined with unusual shapes.

Functionality also remains key, and DDA says that new types of galley equipment are being installed into larger aircraft, meaning many suppliers are adapting their product to suit microwaves, steam ovens and coffee machines, all without compromising the look and feel of each product.

Amenities are also reflecting changing dining habits. DDA notes that customers are much more culturally aware, and this is reflected in what they eat. Table settings need to service a range of menus from Asian through to Arabian and Western.

“We are most definitely seeing an increased demand for region-specific items such as soy dishes, chopsticks and chopstick rests, and rice bowls,” said Ritter. “With this look also comes a more minimalist/simplistic look outside of your traditional five-piece place setting.”

At NBAA, DDA showcased contemporary offerings from leading international design houses, alongside items from its bespoke collection, tailor-made for individual clients. In addition to the traditional American-style table setting, Asian, Middle Eastern and Russian dining ware was also on view, showcasing the company’s cultural offerings portfolio, and its ability to cater to the increasingly diverse needs of today’s international traveler.

November 15, 2016

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