New software to maximize safety and efficiency in aircraft manufacturing


Aircraft manufacturers “often [value]production speed over quality” and this “frenzied pace” has led to aviation safety concerns, according to a recent report by The New York Times (NYT).

To ensure that manufacturers’ production goals are not in competition with aviation safety, the FAA has approved the use of remote connectivity technology in manufacturing. Using this technology, aircraft can be remotely inspected in manufacturing facilities. CloudVisit’s aviation maintenance software is one such example of this technology, and has been designed to maximize efficiency and safety in aircraft manufacturing facilities.

Using the software, aircraft assemblers take video recordings and images of an aircraft component when it first arrives at the manufacturing facility. This data provides quality assurance of the part before assembly. As the aircraft is assembled, workers document their tasks through video and audio recordings, as well as images. This data demonstrates what assembly tasks are completed, the accuracy with which the task was completed and the quality of the final output. For example, an aircraft assembler can conduct a non-destructive test (NDT) to ensure that the quality of metal of an aircraft component is optimal.

The test and the results are documented through video recordings and saved on the cloud. The recording is then shared with aircraft inspectors who can approve quality control checklists from their computers. This remote inspection is designed to maximize efficiency during the aircraft manufacturing process without compromising safety of the completed aircraft.

CloudVisit’s aviation maintenance software was designed to ensure aviation is a safe and profitable industry for airlines and manufacturers of aircraft. It can be used for inspections of manufactured aircraft, as well as for MRO after an aircraft has been delivered to the purchaser.

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