NBAA’s COVID-19 resource offers real-time ATC status update


With business aviation operators facing a constantly evolving environment as the nation continues to contend with the COVID-19 virus, the FAA has developed a real-time graphical resource with the latest information on FAA facility limitations and closures resulting from the ongoing pandemic.

Available through NBAA’s dedicated Airport Operational Considerations with the Coronavirus resource site, the FAA ATC Facilities Affected by COVID-19 tool utilises Google Map overlays to display the most current airspace and airport limitations available. Aviation-specific icons provide immediate insight into the nature of the restriction – if it affects an ARTCC facility or airport control tower or TRACON – with additional details available by clicking on the icon.

“During this unprecedented moment in our country, with challenges the likes of which we’ve never seen, NBAA is continually working to develop and facilitate the latest resources to assist our members with their flight planning and operations, as our nation’s air traffic control system continues to be affected by COVID-19,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA director for air traffic services and infrastructure.

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