Antibacterial cleaner for aircraft interiors passes new tests


Flitetec’s MX14 Aero antibacterial cleaner for soft furnishings, leather and plastics on aircraft has won new certification for its ability to eliminate E.coli, listeria monocytogenes, salmonella typhi and staphylococcus aureus.

Scientists at the US Government-registered Kappa Laboratories in Florida rated the solution as 99.9% effective within 30 seconds of use against the bugs. Now UK-based Flitetec is offering free MX14 Aero trials to airlines and MRO operators “to help them adapt to new realities facing the aviation industry,” said Trevor Lea, managing director at Flitetec.

A seat before and after the use of MX14 Aero

“MX14 Aero not only offers vast cost savings at a challenging time for aviation, it also delivers considerable added value through its antibacterial qualities,” said Lea. “It significantly outperformed expectations in the latest scientific assessments at the respected Kappa Laboratories, further confirming its ability to eliminate potential deadly strains of bacteria. MX14 Aero is also effective decontaminating surfaces of COVID-19 and complies with stringent regulations and rigorous aerospace specifications so operators can use it with confidence both for maintenance and for any deep cleans of aircraft before they return to service.”

MX14 Aero was developed as a water-based antibacterial cleaner to remove ink and stain marks from leather and soft furnishings. Made of natural products which the company says reduce any odour after application, it can also be used on interior parts including plastics in galleys, seats and toilets. Flitetec says it maintains furnishings’ fire-retardant properties. MX14 Aero meets various international standards and regulatory requirements.

“MX14 Aero is water-soluble, biodegradable, safe and yet incredibly effective in removing stains and eliminating surface bacteria,” said Lea. “All packaging is made of recyclable materials and it has refillable dispensers, so no single-use plastic is involved. It is the only cleaner in the industry to be 100% biodegradable, with no chlorines, bleaches or solvents; leading the way to a greener cabin and planet.”

“With our attention to the rigorous EASA/FAA regulatory requirements, which includes engineering, testing, documentation and quality, MX14 Aero not only creates the solution but also provides and updates the necessary information to maintain the adherence to the rules and regulations,” said Lea.

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