Two BBJ 737-700s acquired by APOC Aviation for tear down


Two BBJ 737-700 airframes previously operated by PrivateAir have been acquired by APOC Aviation from Infinity Transportation. APOC Aviation specializes in aircraft and engine leasing, trading and part-out. The company pointed out that the BBJs have accumulated low flight cycles in comparison with commercial airliners.

APOC will coordinate tearing down the aircraft at two locations in Germany, and the parts will be shipped to its warehouse in Delft, the Netherlands, for evaluation. Parts will be selected strategically for repair or overhaul. Capital for the acquisition was raised through a crowdfunding campaign.

“We are proud and pleased to conclude a smooth transaction with Infinity Aviation,” said Jasper van den Boogaard, director of acquisition and trading at APOC Aviation. “This is the first time that APOC has chosen to part-out B737-700s, as our primary expertise has rested with the A320 family to date. These airframes will enable us to broaden our inventory and cover 50% of the global in-service fleet. As we bring these parts into our system, our team will adjust to an active learning curve as we build our knowledge of the type and prepare APOC for future B737 acquisition opportunities.”

It is APOC Aviation’s development strategy to concentrate solely on the most liquid aircraft types, operated by the largest number of operators and maintained by the most MROs. The company says continued worldwide operation of these types is indicative of long-term demand for parts, not only in today’s market, but also when more B737-800s and A321s are converted to freighters.

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