DGCA Design Organization Approval for SA Air Works


SA Air Works is India’s first avionics organisation to achieve Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Design Organization Approval under CAR 21. SA Air Works is a joint venture between the Air Works Group and Scandinavian Avionics (SA) Group.

The approval for avionics design is especially significant in India’s journey of becoming Atmanirbhar (self-reliant) in the design domain. As an approved Design Organization, SA Air Works can now define or create design procedures including STCs and repair schemes for undertaking minor or major changes related to avionics, electrical, navigation and communication systems including cabin equipment and related structures under CAR 21, within the country. This applies with both fixed-wing aircraft (equivalent to FAR/CS-25, >5,700Kg; and FAR/CS-23, <5,700Kg), and small and large helicopters (equivalent to FAR/CS-27, <3,175Kg; and FAR/CS-29, >3,175Kg).

In short, the Design Organization Approval covers the entire spectrum of aircraft types, from helicopters to business jets, as well as those meant for commercial air transport.

“The Design Organization Approval is excellent news not just for SA Air Works but indeed a shot in the arm and a matter of pride for the entire Indian civil aviation and aerospace sector, which can now step into a higher trajectory with this extremely critical capability,” said D Anand Bhaskar, managing director and CEO, Air Works Group. “The world could eventually be our market with such approval in our portfolio.”

“Having a Design Organization status means that we no longer need to be dependent on third parties for such critical work, which can now happen within the country, indigenously, reducing budgets and timelines, for an array of avionics-related work,” added Bhaskar.

This approval will enable SA Air Works and India to market its design capabilities in the certified areas to OEMs and operators domestically and overseas. The company also said the development would benefit customers in terms of shorter lead times and cost savings for the design/certification and installation process.

“The receipt of the Design Approval fulfils our strategic intent and dream of becoming Atmanirbhar in the civil aircraft design space and offer avionics-related design services to operators, aircraft owners, customers and OEMs both in India and abroad,” said Ajay Sharma, CEO, SA Air Works. “I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our entire team and the support of Scandinavian Avionics – our JV partner – in all these years in making this a reality.”

“Being the country’s first private enterprise to have been accorded this approval is indeed a proud and gratifying moment,” Sharma added. “As an immediate step, we look forward to submitting our very first STC for regulatory approval. The design approval is a stepping stone and will eventually open the floodgates of design into India, helping us not only conserve forex outflow as a nation and, to also begin creating our IPs in civil aircraft design space, making our business offerings more comprehensive and the Indian civil aviation industry, sustainable.”

As an avionics systems integrator, designer and a turnkey avionics solution provider to customers, SA Air Works has been a dominant player with a significant market share in the Indian and regional aviation market. The company’s customers span civil and military aviation, leading institutions, individuals and corporates that own/operate aircraft, including private or business jets and rotary wing (helicopters) aircraft. SA Air Works has delivered avionics upgrades and cockpit transitions, including custom projects.

The company already holds the requisite design approvals from the Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness/CEMILAC to undertake necessary design tasks including building modification leaflet/certifications, systems integration, installation related to avionics, electricals for military fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and DGCA CAR 145 approval. Following the ongoing restructuring of the CEMILAC processes, SA Air Works is currently engaged in realignment with the updated processes.

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