FAA PMA approval for PWI LED Logo Light on multiple types


PWI announced the recent FAA PMA approval for its LED Logo Light for Beechcraft King Air 90, 200, 300, B300/350; and the Beech 1900 C/D models. Additionally, two of these same lights are used by the Cessna Citation X 750 as wing inspection lights. PWI said its new LED boasts as many service hours as 625 bulbs.

Illuminating the vertical tail surface in the Beech aircraft, this new LED floodlight highlights a company logo and/or slogan, often painted on the tail. The 5,000K colour temperature LED is designed to improve night visibility, provide long life, accurate colour illumination and improved light output with lower heat. On the Citation X 750 it illuminates the leading edge and top surface of the wing, assisting in ice formation discovery.

The LED Logo Light is designed not only for business and fleet marketing, but also to enhance safety, aiding in visibility during taxi manoeuvres as well as during take-off and landing. It also is intended to help ATC personnel identify an aircraft on the ground, and then to supply directional instructions to other aircraft in proximity.

The PMA approval covers the Beechcraft King Air C90, C90A, C90GT, C90GTi, E90, 200, 200T, 200C, 200CT, B200, B200T, B200C, B200CT, B200GT, B200CGT, 300, 300LW, B300, B300C, and Beechcraft 1900 C and D models. It also covers the Cessna Citation X 750, mounted in the fuselage and used as wing inspection lights.

The PWI LED Logo Light includes the LED light, light socket, reflector and pivoting adjustment bracket. These new parts are intended to eliminate any pre-existing corrosion that could affect the performance of the new light over its extended lifespan. Original aircraft wiring is used without modification.

PWI said that the product replaces the A70828 halogen bulb, offering 100,000 operational hours, and added that saves 625 bulb replacements over the life of the LED. The three-LED design produces 1600 Lumens, 600 more than the 3,000K halogen bulb, PWI said. The company continued that the PWI LED requires 11W while the bulb uses 50.4W and draws 4.5 times less amps, generating less than half the heat and preserving the floodlight lens. The PWI LED was tested and passed DO-160G vibration testing.

The product has a three-year warranty and replaces the following halogen bulbs: A70828, A708-28, LP1982SP (King Air and 1900) and 34A0228070-67 (Citation X 750).

“PWI has applied LED technology to many Beech King Air lighting challenges and this new LED tail floodlight addresses visual branding, aircraft visibility and thus mission safety,” said Robi Lorik, PWI CEO and president. “It also makes viewing the aircraft from the FBO and out on a crowded ramp easier, and I know our charter and airmed customers will appreciate that. And no bulb beats our LEDs for long service life.”

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