B/E Aerospace Lighting & Integrated Systems introduces 3X Nano


The 3X Nano is the first light to be co-developed by B/E Aerospace and Emteq under B/E Aerospace Lighting & Integrated Systems. Capitalizing on technology used on multiple current line-fit programs, the 28VDC wash light has a footprint of 0.41in (10.41mm) x 0.31in (7.87mm) and a weight of 1.5oz/ft (0.04kg/ft).

It also offers flexible installation options; the bypass installation uses the existing aircraft wiring and controls and integrates Ballast-Logic eliminating the need for a ballast.

The 3X Nano product line allows for either step dimming or PWM dimming for both white and multi-white color options. There are multiple white temperature options, allowing modification centers to set the white at installation or to control and mix the temperature during flight from a warm 3,500K to a cool 5,700K. The system has an intensity of 10fc at full brightness and consistent light output even over varying voltage.

“We are extremely excited about what this means for the market,” said Kariann Thon, director of sales. “This light has the potential to make a high-quality LED lighting upgrade a possibility for many more operators. With the combined experience on line-fit platforms and expertise in the refit market we have realized now under B/E Aerospace, we have developed a product that truly fills a gap in the business jet aftermarket.”

May 18, 2015

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