CTT humidification to be available for ACJ TwoTwenty


Under a new agreement signed with Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), CTT Systems is to supply a humidification system as an option for the ACJ TwoTwenty. Humidification will be part of the cabin catalogue, to be delivered with the green (newbuilt) aircraft as a bolt-on-kit system with STC.

The ACJ TwoTwenty humidification system is developed by CTT in partnership with ACJ. The joint ambition is to achieve a minimum-weight solution while ensuring the highest levels of performance, including optimised humidity in the entire cabin with efficient anti-condensation protection. The humidification system is designed to equally distribute humidified air in the extra-large business jet cabin.

“The ACJ TwoTwenty includes a flexible cabin catalogue, opening the extra-large business jet categories,” said Benoit Defforge, president at ACJ. “Airbus is committed to offer market-leading comfort and best cabin performance in the extra-large TwoTwenty business jet. As part of this effort, we will promote the humidification system. Because only if humidity is restored to adequate and ground-like level, passengers can fully benefit from long-haul travel in the best large-cabin business jet on the market.”

“We are delighted that Airbus Corporate Jets includes humidification as part of the comfort climate in ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft,” said Peter Landquist, vice president senior advisor sales at CTT Systems. “ACJ is first in the large-cabin business jet segment to offer significantly elevated cabin air humidity with total moisture protection that eliminates all fuselage condensation issues.”

CTT Systems said that without an efficient humidification system, a business jet cabin has a relative humidity (RH) below 5%. The ACJ TwoTwenty humidification system is designed to increase humidity in the cabin to above 20% RH. The CTT humidifier is based on evaporative cooling technology and uses a method designed to effectively preclude the transfer of bacteria. The ACJ TwoTwenty will be protected by the CTT Anti-Fuselage-Condensation system.

The ACJ TwoTwenty, a clean-sheet design, features six wide VIP living areas for up to 19 passengers. The aircraft will have a range of 5,650 nautical miles (10,500km).

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