RUAG completes Gulfstream paint job


The specialist aircraft painting facility at RUAG Aviation in Munich, Germany, has delivered a fully repainted Gulfstream aircraft. The aircraft owner chose to refresh the exterior as the aircraft had accrued several years of service.

“Over the years, aircraft begin to show the effects of environmental influences such as weather patterns, varying temperatures and abrasive atmospheric elements,” said Reinhard Imhoff, sales manager for exterior services at RUAG Aviation. “The topcoat ages as well, eventually taking on a dull, matt appearance, while erosion and corrosion also work against it.”

RUAG Aviation says the occasional full stripping of an aircraft’s surface works to ensure durability and prolonged value. The process allows the maintenance team a complete view of the bare metal surface.

“From time to time, it is important to conduct a visual inspection of the surface,” said Imhoff. “Technical specialists look for findings which remain unseen under layers of paint and topcoat.”

RUAG Aviation provides one-stop-shop services and also serves as an outsourcing partner to other providers; in this case, for aircraft painting.

“Our happy customers represent fleets of various aircraft,” said André Ebach, general manager, business jets, RUAG Aviation. “We are committed to expanding the portfolio of OEM platforms we are able to serve to meet the customers’ needs. The Gulfstream extension announced last week is a prime example of this engagement. This was also an important milestone in the expansion of our existing capabilities for Bombardier and Embraer.”

September 22, 2016

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