G650 gets sparkling paint scheme at Flying Colours


A Gulfstream G650 has been updated with a custom paint scheme at Flying Colours’ facility in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. After a complete strip the aircraft was repainted with a sparkling pearl/mica Diamond Mine basecoat and intricate curving stripes and swirling patterns.

A specialty basecoat-clearcoat polyurethane paint incorporating translucent pearl and mica granules, which generate a crystal sparkling effect, was applied after the priming process. A metallic palette featuring Concord Blue, Dusk Gray and Medium Silver colours was used to complete the scheme.

The need for mirror images to appear on each side of the aircraft – along with incredibly detailed specifications about distances between stripes, colours and patterns – added to the complexity.

“This really tested our team’s capabilities, but they welcomed the challenge and the client is delighted with the result,” said Eric Gillespie, executive vice president at Flying Colours Corp. “The quality of the completed work demonstrates the incredible talent and expertise of our paint team and highlights that the investment we made into the state-of-the-art paint shop pays dividends in realising our clients’ visions.”

The customer has already confirmed that the aircraft will return to Peterborough for interior work this summer.

Flying Colours’ paint technicians execute a wide variety of paint techniques including electro-static and chromalusion applications at the Peterborough facility.

The new paint shop was designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. The climate-controlled, pressurised cross-draft paint booth is 138ft (42.1m) wide and 158ft (48.2m) deep, with the tail height reaching 55ft (16.8m).

The booth is equipped with 168 energy-efficient lights that simulate natural daylight to optimise paint colour matches and visibility for technicians. The application sequence involves sanding, painting, purging and curing. The air recirculation and exhaust systems are designed to decrease both the amount of heat needed to operate and the amount of paint emissions released into the air, to reduce environmental impact.

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