Falcon 900EX EASy updated at Duncan Aviation


A Falcon 900EX EASy has been redelivered following updates performed at Duncan Aviation’s facility in Battle Creek, Michigan. The team implemented new paint work and a new interior, as well as installing a Collins Aerospace CMS Venue upgrade. It was also the make/model STC launch aircraft for ACA’s ionisation system.

The loyal Duncan Aviation customer loved the look and feel of their Falcon 7X, so they wanted their Falcon 900EX EASy to be identical.

“When the customers came to me with their 7X, they really liked the overall design, colour palette and feel of their 7X interior,” said Emily Krawzcak, lead designer. “The only thing they really wanted to change was the original carpet because it didn’t fit with the rest of the interior.”

The overall design is clean and masculine with a lot of leather and dark, heavily grained veneer, mixed with textures to help soften the overall space. The interior is highlighted by plated tambour doors in the galley, embossed lower sidewalls, custom seats, frosted galley doors and plated trim.

“In addition to changing the carpet, we updated the pillows and credenza pad fabric,” said Krawczak. “Those details will be updated in their 7X, too, so the two aircraft will be mostly identical.”

Krawczak said that the updated interior in the 900EX is absolutely gorgeous, and that she has heard nothing but positive comments from Duncan Aviation team members and the customer.

The customer wanted the new exterior paint to match their 7X exactly, complete with a Matterhorn white base and gold and navy stripes. The aircraft was also fitted with the Collins Aerospace Venue CMS and was the make/model STC launch aircraft for the ACA ionisation system.

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