Falcon 2000 modified by West Star for 13 passengers


West Star has reconfigured a Falcon 2000 to have a 13-passenger configuration at its facility in East Alton, Illinois, USA. The Falcon 2000 is normally configured for 8 or 10 passengers. Engineering support was provided by West Star’s in-house engineering group and DER. Final certification for the reconfiguration was completed with an FAA form 337.

The work involved creating a reduced-size galley and auxiliary galley/entertainment center; shifting the forward cabin bulkhead/door forward; and extending all the sideledges and window panels.

The aft cabin bulkhead was also modified to offset the new door location resulting from the new conference group. Structural modifications were required below and above the cabin floor to accommodate the new loading. The aircraft was finished with new veneers, soft goods, countertops, plating and switch panels for the new seating configuration.

“This is the first time we have completed a Falcon 2000 in this increased capacity configuration,” said James McCann, interior manager at West Star.

West Star Aviation specializes in maintenance, avionics installation and repair as well as paint and interior services for most airframes. Additional capabilities include a full component and accessory overhaul and repair shop, parts support and window repair services.

December 17, 2015

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