Constant Aviation reaches maintenance milestone on Challenger 300 series


Constant Aviation has now undertaken 17 7,500-cycle inspections on the super midsize Bombardier Challenger 300. The company says that many of this type are now reaching 7,500 flight cycles – nearly 800 of the series have been delivered since 2004.

“There have been fewer than 20 7,500-cycle inspections completed worldwide to date, so, with 17 of them performed by us, our experience and expertise are unmatched,” said David Davies, CEO at Constant Aviation. “With every inspection, we have gained knowledge and found ways to make the process more efficient. As more Challenger 300s come due for this inspection and maintenance process, Constant Aviation is in the best position to do the work and return aircraft to service with as little downtime as possible.”

The extensive 7,500-cycle inspection requires more than 8,000 man-hours to complete. Specially trained technicians at Constant Aviation’s full-service facilities in Cleveland, Ohio, and Orlando, Florida, remove the aircraft’s horizontal stabiliser, engines, interior, APU, windshields, landing gear, flaps, winglets, baggage door, panels and many other components. Some are removed to be tested, while others are removed to provide the technicians with access to specific areas of the aircraft.

Once disassembled, the airframe and components are inspected for corrosion, cracks and other defects. Non-destructive testing is done in-house by Constant Aviation’s team of Challenger 300 experts to streamline the inspection process. For components that are most susceptible to wear and corrosion, such as inlets, landing gear, thrust reverser doors, interior finishes and avionics, Constant Aviation engineers and designers are on hand to offer long-lasting overhaul and repair solutions.

Further inspections are conducted during reassembly before each aircraft is returned to service. The entire 7,500-cycle inspection process can take two to three months to complete, although Constant Aviation says its experience is making the process more efficient.

“If you operate an early-model Challenger 300, now is the time to start planning for this inspection,” said Davies. “There are nearly 800 Challenger 300 series aircraft flying today, and Constant Aviation is the aviation industry’s go-to resource for completing the 7,500-cycle inspection and maintenance process expeditiously and with maximum focus on safety.”

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