Vertical take-off business jet concept unveiled


A new concept from Pegasus Universal Aerospace envisages an aircraft combining the best of the helicopter and private jet worlds. Pegasus One, a ‘Vertical Business Jet’, would offer a choice of runway or vertical take-off (VTOL), with a range of 4,400km (2,376 nautical miles) or 2,124km (1,147 nautical miles) respectively, and a planned cruise speed of 796km/h (495mph).

Depending on take-off option, Pegasus One will be able to fly for three-and-a-half to six hours, supporting point-to-point travel. The aircraft will have six to eight seats, with power provided by two 2,300shp (specific horsepower) turboshaft engines. The all-composite airframe is targeted for certification and deliveries in five to seven years’ time from Pegasus’s facility in Pretoria, South Africa. The company has engaged an engineering partner to provide engineers and designers.

In offering Pegasus One, Pegasus is pledging to bring speed, comfort and style to travelers looking for transportation between busy urban airports, small and unpaved landing areas, yachts and helipads.

“We are working hard to build a full-scale cabin mock-up of Pegasus One, which we plan to bring to London to start a demonstration tour of Europe in 2020 to drum up interest,” said Dr Reza Mia, founding chairman. “We look forward to meeting forward-thinking investors and of course potential operators during the tour.”

To date, the business has been predominantly self-funded, together with angel investment. Pegasus is now seeking new investment and looking for interest from industry influencers and leaders. Pegasus estimates it needs around US$400m to bring the aircraft to market.

The company says it is close to identifying key suppliers for avionics, its retractable landing gear and engines.

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