Axon Aviation appointed by Aerion for Russian Federation sales


Axon Aviation, based in Mayfair, London, in the UK, has been appointed as Aerion’s exclusive authorized sales representative for the Russian Federation.

“Axon Aviation and its partners Kurosh Tehranchian and Niki Rokni have a stellar track record in representing buyers and sellers of the largest business jets. They have earned the confidence of principals and aircraft operators in the Russian Federation,” said Ernie Edwards, Aerion’s chief commercial officer.

The Mach 1.5 Aerion AS2 business jet will fly more than 4,750 nautical miles at a combination of subsonic and supersonic speeds, and carry 8 to 12 passengers. The AS2 is scheduled to make its first flight in 2021 and enter service with customers in 2023. It is under development in collaboration with Airbus Group.

“From Moscow, Axon’s clients can fly non-stop to Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo and Johannesburg, combining high subsonic portions over land and supersonic segments over water,” said Rokni, Axon’s head of sales. “To cover these vast distances and save hours doing so is pure genius. It creates precious time for the more important things in life and business.”

“Our customers are constantly in motion,” said Tehranchian. “Aerion calculates that the AS2 can save them up to 17 12-hour work days a year – and that is based on average subsonic aircraft utilization. Many of our clients fly much more than the average flight department. They will find the AS2 an indispensable mode of travel.”

December 17, 2015

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