The role of customer representatives – part two


An interview with Roman Aerne, head of completions management at ExecuJet

How does the completions management process work?

ExecuJet provides a full completion management service, from specification and decision-making to specification review through to the final aircraft delivery. Usually we do not base a person at the completion centre full-time, but we do make visits for the major milestones. The number of visits made is based on the contract the owner signs with ExecuJet, but the average is once a month.

How do you benefit the client?

Owners have profited greatly from our in-depth specification reviews and reporting, as they can see a comparison of what was ordered and what was added to the specification by the manufacturer. Also we have negotiated costs to get the owners the best price.

What are the challenges for you?

The main challenge is communicating with customers, as most appoint an aircraft rep, who is the person we mainly deal with. Sometimes it can be quite challenging when a big decision needs to be made and we can’t reach the customer directly. We find challenges are best tackled with a good reporting system and a full explanation of all developments.

Excerpts from this interview were used in a feature exploring the role of customer representatives, published in the September 2013 issue of Business Jet Interiors International. For the full article, click here. 

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