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Ahead of NBAA-BACE 2019, Ashley Moulton, design manager at Greenpoint Technologies, shares the trends she’s noticed impacting the industry

What aesthetic trends have become more prevalent recently?
One industry trend is the increasing focus on health and wellness. This lifestyle trend accounts for requests for gyms and yoga studios on private aircraft.

Inspired by natural elements, light materials, organic textures and open-grain veneers are often incorporated to create the sense of a living space.

What new technologies are you being asked to integrate in your aircraft designs?
Our VIP clients want the convenience and comfort of their homes, offices and cars, and expect the latest technologies to be incorporated seamlessly throughout their aircraft. OLED monitors are increasingly popular, and interior designers are blending technology into the cabin in new, unexpected ways. For example, advanced technology allows more flexibility regarding where and how monitors are installed.

Another common request is to connect PEDs to the cabin, offering an integrated experience. Looking to the future, I would welcome more comfort and innovations such as voice-activated technology.

Are there any technologies you’d like suppliers to work on making available for aircraft?
I want to see more certifiable material options that meet the 65/65 flammability requirements. From wood veneers to hand-tipped leathers, there are many beautiful materials and fabrics clients desire, but they can’t always be certified.

Are there any new material innovations that have caught your attention recently?
I am excited for the future of hard surface materials and the opportunity for more selection in the industry. In addition to hardwood and stone floor innovations, I am intrigued by F/List’s vinyl tiles and Techno Aerospace’s Authentique flooring products.

Greenpoint Technologies’ Lotus design for Boeing’s BBJ 777-8. Image: The Boeing Company/Greenpoint

Do you have any other new ideas you’d like to work on?
I enjoy exploring new ways of bringing the luxuries of our clients’ homes into their aircraft. I imagine a cinema experience where families gather to watch movies, and galleys rebranded as kitchens, allowing clients to fly with a Michelin-star awarded chef on board. Residential luxuries could also include spa-like lavatories with steam showers for clients to feel refreshed during flight.

Have you noticed any other important trends?
One inspiring trend is the consideration of renewable materials in the business jet industry. I have studied sustainable design concepts that include environmentally friendly selections in every aspect of the cabin interior. Sustainable design is in high demand in the residential and commercial interior design industries, and I am thrilled to see these innovations enter the business jet industry.

What will you be looking out for at NBAA-BACE?
Greenpoint Design’s focus is to enhance the client experience on board an aircraft. This focus inspires our team to look for new ways to offer comfort and adaptability with regard to seating options. Lighting has also become a more prominent feature of aircraft interiors, so we will explore new ways to incorporate lighting into the overall design aesthetic rather than serving a purely functional purpose.

This interview was published as part of a larger feature discussing design trends in the October 2019 issue of Business Jet Interiors International. Click here to read the full article.

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