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Dr Wassef Ayadi, CEO of IDAIR, outlines the company’s approach to providing bespoke equipment

How often do you create bespoke solutions for private jets? Is demand growing?
It’s hard just to name a number of projects; it really depends on the complexity of our system delivery. Projects can last from 6-14 months on average, depending on scope, aircraft type and level of customization. Currently we are working on eight projects for various platforms. The demand for innovative, intuitive and integrated cabin solutions is definitely there and we are looking forward to equipping more aircraft with our solutions and provide our customers with an enjoyable experience on board their aircraft.

Can you detail some of the bespoke solutions you have created?
We have created bespoke solutions for various aircraft types, but the most complex ones were for three BBJ 747-8 and three BBJ 787 aircraft. IDAIR’s unique and customizable graphical user interface is always the face of our product, which we are very proud of. It reflects the intuitiveness of our solutions and the capabilities we offer – all the way from cabin control to IFE. We have often also provided a tailored media service. Visible hardware – including various monitor sizes up to 75in (190.5cm) and control devices – completes the solutions we offer.

What does the process involve?
The process usually starts with a request for proposals that we receive from our potential customers, typically a completion center but occasionally an operator or aircraft owner. Based on the customer’s specific requests, we design and offer the best possible solution. After project award, a dedicated project team takes over and ensures a smooth and reliable project execution and entry into service.

How have you structured your business to be able to offer this capability?
We have international teams based in regions close to our customers and of course in our offices in the USA and Germany, where the engineering, design and manufacturing teams are located. The overall target is to ensure high quality, timely delivery and try and best meet our customers’ needs.

What technological tools support your bespoke projects?
Remote connection to aircraft systems, as well as the deployment of cloud-based technologies, are some of the key enablers of best-in-class project deliveries and operational services.

What certification challenges do you face? Are there any ways around these?
We have dedicated certification teams in our parent organizations, which work diligently on these topics.

What other challenges do you face?
Changing requirements during the course of project execution are always a challenge, but with the deployment of new and agile methodologies we are acquiring the experience to deal with these instances optimally.

How much extra time and cost is involved in creating a bespoke solution?
As I said, projects can last from 6-14 months on average. Stringent project management and transparent communication between all the parties involved helps to avoid extra delays and costs.

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